Services Offered By Family Lawyers in Campbelltown

Curious as to what exactly family lawyers in Campbelltown do? Well, it turns out they do a whole bunch – from dealing with divorce cases to helping draft wills and estates!

Dealing with the law can be tricky, especially when you don’t know much about it. Having a great legal team by your side can help you resolve legal issues with ease.

This article shares the main areas of practice that family lawyers in Campbelltown work within.


Wills and estates

Whether you’re looking for help drafting your will or are an unhappy benefactor looking to challenge one, a solicitor can help. Figuring out how to best manage your assets once you pass on can be difficult, especially when manoeuvring legalities. Family lawyers in Campbelltown can help inform you of your rights and advise you on actions you might want to take. This is also true for will disputes, which can be an emotionally strenuous task – solicitors can help ease the burden somewhat.


Parenting matters

One of the most challenging parts of a separation or divorce is working out how to best look after the children during this time. From deciding how much time each parent should see their child to how they will be financially supported, there are many factors to consider. Family lawyers in Campbelltown can help improve communication between the parents and try to resolve the matter outside of court via mediation or other techniques. They deal with parenting orders, consent orders and parenting plans, making sure that the best interests of the children are always put first.


Divorce & separation


For most people, the process of separation or divorce is not a pleasant one, especially when compounded with complex legal matters. A good solicitor can help support you during this stressful period, providing strategic guidance in areas such as divorce applications and hearings, property settlements and parental & financial arrangements.

While applying for divorce requires you to have been separated for at least 12 months, family lawyers in Campbelltown can still help you with property settlements, parental and financial matters beforehand.


Prenuptial & postnuptial agreements

If you are planning on getting married, you may want to consider protecting your assets with a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. This ensures you are kept safe in the event of a relationship breakdown in the future (fingers crossed this doesn’t happen, of course!). Family lawyers in Campbelltown are educated on how to draft such agreements effectively and can educate you on your legal rights and things to consider.


Spousal maintenance

Following a separation or divorce, spousal maintenance may be payable to a party who experiences financial strain. Solicitors can offer legal advice to assist you in obtaining financial support from your ex-partner, if you are entitled to it. Factors considered by the court when assessing suitability for spousal maintenance include:

  • Age and health status
  • Ability to work
  • Income, assets and property
  • Whether any children live with each party
  • Whether the relationship has impacted your ability to have an income.

Note that you will not be entitled to spousal maintenance upon remarrying (except in rare cases). There is also a time limit to when you can apply – either 12 months after divorce has been finalised, or two years after a de facto separation.

Ensure you select reputable family lawyers in Campbelltown by doing your research first. Having an initial consultation with a solicitor can be a great way to get a sense of whether or not you get along with them and whether they are the right person for the job. Consider also their qualifications and reputation, as well as that of the firm they work for.

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