Importance of Eating Dinner with your Family

Many families are called families only for the namesake. There is no kind of emotional bond existing among the members of the family. One of the very important old proverb, “the family that eats together stays together “has been totally forgotten by the new generation. Eating as family can bring about a huge change in the overall development of all the individuals in the family.

Benefits of eating dinner as a family

  • Boosting development: eating as a family develops language skills in the younger members of the family. Social skills and cues are developed.
  • Mental health improvement: children who were included in family discussions in a healthy manner and who enjoyed eating meals as family were less prone to exhibit symptoms of depression. Drug abuse was also seen to be at a low point in children who were part of a healthy involved family.
  • Emotional bonding: the full day each member of the family leads disconnected lives. Each member of the family goes through their own individual experiences. These experiences can be shared with the other members of the family when everyone sits down for a meal together. This sharing of experiences helps the members to reconnect with each other and increase in emotional bonding.
  • Better grades: studies show that children coming from families that have a strong emotional connect with each other score better grades in school and are also more positive in handling any kind of criticism.
  • Physical health: consumption of healthy food choices leads to better health and development in people of all age’s adults and children. Home cooked meals are not only healthy and nutritious but also help promote better physical and mental growth.
  • Increased savings: cooking food at home not only helps in maintaining a healthy life style but also helps in managing the household budget. Cooking food at home is not only nutritious but also helps saves money.

It is a very good tradition to eat dinner as a family as this concept of eating food together brings the family together creating a safe, secure and positive environment for each member of the family to nurture and grow in.

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