Marketing Services the Right Way

Services marketing is concerned with strategies that concentrate on selling services that can be provided. These do not market any kind of products. Services can range from a wide variety personal services like dance lessons, renting spaces, repairing of vehicles, medical care, beauty and spa treatments.

The marketing includes communication of the benefits the service provides its content, deals, promotional advertisements.

Service managers can provide services that are related to person to person or to a business to business.

Some kinds of service industries that require marketing are:

  • Health care – this includes the services provided by hospitals, doctors, dentists, eye care, pathologists
  • Professional services catering to individuals or businesses – accounting, architectural designing, legal services.
  • Financial services – investments, auditing, insurance, banking
  • Hospitality sector – restaurants, motels, inns, resorts, hotels, adventure sports.
  • Travel – airlines, ticketing, excursions, cruises, travel agents.
  • Personal services – health and nutrition, pest control, beauty treatments, maintenance of the house.

Marketing your services is based on the relationship you have with your customer. The value of customer client relations is very high in the service sector. The credibility of the service provider depends highly on the service provided. This credibility helps in creating a good face value of the service provider in the market. Advertising the service provided is very important in getting new clients.  Unless people are aware of your services only then will they contact you. Also reviews posted by previous clients also help in influencing future clients. A good review can help garner new customers whereas a bad review can spoil even the existing client database.

Change in demand for new services also plays an important part in the services marketed and provided. The supply of services is directly proportional to the demand for that particular service.

The service marketing for a particular service has to keep in mind many factors that are particular for the specific service provided.

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